R U OK? Day presents a helping hand for construction workers

The construction industry, like many sectors, has felt the full force of COVID-19 lockdowns, creating extra stress in an industry with an already alarming suicide rate.

Suicide rates in the construction industry are 53 per cent higher than the general working population and 190 workers die every year.1

National mental health awareness day R U OK? presents an ideal opportunity to reach out and help someone struggling with life.

PAYCE Foundation Director Dominic Sullivan said one of the biggest issues in tackling suicide rates is reinforcing the point that help is available.

“There is a prevailing attitude in construction to just get on with it and not show so-called weakness.

“That is a real tragedy given health assistance can make all the difference.’’

Mr Sullivan said the recent COVID-19 shutdown of the industry has presented new challenges for construction workers.

“COVID-19 lockdowns have fueled uncertainty, stress and anxiety for construction workers and their families.

“Every worker deserves to come home safe at the end of day to their family.

“There is great mateship in the Australian construction industry and R U OK? Day is a good reminder to genuinely check on the welfare of a fellow worker.

‘’It could save a life.’’

See more at: https://www.ruok.org.au/join-r-u-ok-day

Notes:  1. Suicide in the construction industry report, July 2020. The University of Melbourne, Deakin University, Mates in Construction.