Kick Start gives Lucy a new direction in life

By her own admission, Lucy Brown had lost her way and wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life.

“When I first got a call to go for an interview for the Kick Start program, I wasn’t sure,’’ Lucy said.

Graduate Lucy Brown – considering her new career options.

“I was just so unmotivated; I didn’t want to leave the house,” Lucy said.

“But when I met Maddy, from Kick Start, she explained the job, and it just sounded perfect for me.

‘’A week later I got a call saying I had the job.’’

Lucy says she was still a bit apprehensive when she started in the Kick Start program – a social enterprise backed by the PAYCE Foundation – which gives young people a job, along with training qualifications in hospitality.

“As the days at work went on and I met more people it just made me feel alive again,’’ she said.

“I am so much more confident now; I am so much more determined to succeed.’’

Kick Start partners with the construction and development industry, including major supporters Charter Hall, Frasers Property and construction company Dasco.

The Kick Start class of 2020, with special guest Parramatta Bishop Vincent Long (left) and PAYCE Foundation Director James Boyd (far right)

Kick Start runs a fleet of mobile food trailers, feeding hungry workers on construction sites across Sydney.

Lucy has already had three job offers since finishing the Kick Start program and is now considering her career options.

Lucy was one of five recent graduates from the Kick Start program.

PACYE Foundation Director Dominic Sullivan said Kick Start, which also has a catering arm, was growing strongly.

“With the help of our partners here today we will have 11 more young people entering the Kick Start program,’’ he said.

“And as the program and Kick Start continues to grow, we will be able to give more young people training and career opportunities.’’

Special guest at the graduation ceremony at Melrose Park was the Bishop of Parramatta, Vincent Long Van Nguyen.

‘’I congratulate the five graduates who have completed the certificate in hospitality training – you are well-placed to have a great future,’’ he said.

“And congratulations to the PAYCE Foundation for this great social enterprise that equips young people who might face additional challenges because of their circumstances.”