A world where disadvantage and misfortune do not limit anyone’s potential and are not determinants of quality of life.



Disadvantage and misfortunes should not be a barrier to anyone reaching their full potential.


We believe in empowering individuals, organisations and communities to be the best they can.


We value innovative thinking as a way to address disadvantage and misfortune.


We believe in the power of collaboration as a way to achieve meaningful and sustainable impact.


We expect high standards of personal conduct and character in all we and our partners do.

Best practice

We aspire to be an example of best practice in foundation governance and management.


Prevention, rehabilitation and community participation for people who have an addiction

Accommodation and support for victims of domestic and family violence

Connected individuals and engaged communities

Improved capacity for choice for individuals with a mental illness or disability

Opportunities for young people to achieve their individual potential


  • Partners raise $8500 for Homeless Youth

    Partners raise $8500 for Homeless Youth PAYCE Foundation, Charter Hall and Kick Start have joined forces to raise money for the Property Industry Foundation’s (PIF) homeless youth fundraiser, National Hard Hat Day. Kick Start, a PAYCE Foundation social enterprise initiative, operates a fleet of mobile worksite canteens in

  • PAYCE Foundation digs deep to help the hungry

    PAYCE Foundation digs deep to help the hungry St Merkorious Charity stands between families getting a meal or going hungry. They serve 4200 meals every week to people who are struggling. And the on-set of Covid-19 has only increased the demand. (Left to right) Paula Nicolas –

  • Get up, get out and do what you can!

    Get up, get out and do what you can! Feature – Joany Badenhorst While it may seem like a great opportunity to sleep in a little longer, stay in your slippers and avoid your daily commute to school or work, it turns out that ‘iso’ life isn’t all

  • Many hands make light work at ESSC working bee

    Many hands make light work at ESSC working bee The End Street Sleeping Collaboration (ESSC) has moved into a new home thanks to a helping hand from a team of organisations including Paynter Dixon and the PAYCE Foundation. Members from both organisations were instrumental in coordinating service providers,

  • PAYCE Foundation backs industry initiative for youth homelessness

    It is a sobering statistic – 44,000 young Australians are homeless every night. Dig a little deeper, and that figure looks even worse, 16,000 of those are 12 years or under. For the past 24 years, the Property Industry Foundation (PIF) has been tackling youth homelessness. [...]