New bus to keep church community connected

Celebrating the handover of the minibus, Parishioner Anthony Sukari, PAYCE Foundation Director Will Morgan, Monsignor Shora Maree and Father Claude Rizk.

The St George Maronite Catholic Church at Thornleigh has an enviable record of keeping its parishioners, including the vulnerable connected.

And when the long COVID-19 winter restrictions lift, they will be able to assist more parish members stay in touch.

The PAYCE Foundation has donated a new minibus to the Church.

Monsignor Shora Maree said the minibus would be a big boost for the Church’s operations, particularly elderly parishioners.

“We will be able to pick up parishioners, particularly the elderly and bring them here for events and take them on little trips around Sydney,’’ he said.

Monsignor Shora said reconnecting after the COVID-19 lockdown would be critical for the elderly.

‘’A lot of people have a little bit more fear and worry and have been stuck in that isolation, the minibus will be great.’’

“We really appreciate the support of the PAYCE Foundation.’’

PAYCE Foundation Director Will Morgan said the St George Catholic Maronite Church played a critical role in supporting its parish and the wider community.

“The Foundation is pleased to support the continuation of keeping parishioners connected and supporting vulnerable, less mobile members of the community.’’