Get up, get out and do what you can!

Feature – Joany Badenhorst

While it may seem like a great opportunity to sleep in a little longer, stay in your slippers and avoid your daily commute to school or work, it turns out that ‘iso’ life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Joany Badenhorst co-hosting this year’s virtual Stand Tall event, reaching more students than ever!

Not having the daily routine of waking up, getting ready and socialising can really impact your well-being. Isolation is isolation. Being away from friends, family, sport, and all your other day-to-day activities is a difficult hurdle to overcome, especially when you can’t see the end in sight. So, if you’re feeling these emotions, you’re definitely not alone…

These are challenging times, particularly for young people around the world. Every year, Stand Tall make it their mission to love, support, inspire and bring hope for the future to young people across Australia with their incredible events.

COVID-19 however, has forced them to think outside of the box, become creative with their ideas and efforts. Instead of seeing 9000 students face to face, they decided to live stream their event and were able to reach over 40,000 students online, at school and at home!

PAYCE Foundation have been instrumental in supporting me and Stand Tall in realising this incredible vision. One where no one feels hopeless or alone. This was no easy feat, showcasing that there are ways to keep the networks alive despite the struggles of COVID-19.

Co-hosting such an incredible live stream event, reaching out to those in isolation, feeling vulnerable and uncertain about their own future gave me purpose and redefined my mission as an Ambassador for Stand Tall. I want young people around Australia to know that you are not alone.

Although COVID-19 threw our world into uncertainty, one thing is for sure: Only we have the ability to make the most of every moment we are gifted, regardless of the circumstances. So, I urge you, take a leaf from Stand Tall and The PAYCE Foundation’s booklet. Get up, get out and do what you can. It will make a difference, not only to you but others too.

Joany Badenhorst is a talented Australian Paralympian. Her role as Stand Tall Ambassador has been made possible thanks to sponsorship from PAYCE Foundation.