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Governance and Strategic Support


Governance and Strategic Support

$2,800,000 over the next 4 years

Governance and Strategic Support

Adele House provides residential rehabilitation for men who have an addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Its vision is support, recovery and independence for all those affected by addiction.

The Adele House abstinence-based recovery model has a focus on physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and aims to provide residents with the skills to live an independent life through employment and private accommodation.

Clients are offered job training and education programs to ensure they are well-equipped to reintegrate in the community.

Adele House has experienced significant growth over the last five years, becoming the second largest provider of rehabilitation beds in New South Wales.

Our Partnership

PAYCE and the PAYCE Foundation have been the driving forces behind the transformation and expansion of Adele House since July 2015. In the financial year 2020 the PAYCE Foundation was successful in facilitating a strong partnership between Adele House and The Salvation Army and completing the construction of a new state of the art, purpose built 40 bed residential facility in Bucca, near Coffs Harbour.

Our long-standing partnership with Adele House goes far beyond financial support. The PAYCE Foundation has contributed thousands of hours of in-kind services that have helped Adele House transition from a boutique provider to the second largest provider of rehabilitation beds in New South Wales.

In 2019, construction started on a new state-of-the-art facility with 40 additional beds, part of a landmark partnership with the New South Wales Government. The construction of the new facility was completed in June 2020 and will offer a unique drug and alcohol rehabilitation setting which will be considered best practice for many years into the future.

2019 also saw the culmination of a formal strategic partnership between Adele House and The Salvation Army who is now the agency contracted to deliver the Adele House drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.