Project Description

Long term disadvantage and misfortune can lead to a range of complex individual and societal issues that can become chronic and further affect the individual’s quality of life and the realisation of their potential.


Adele House is a residential rehabilitation provider for men who have an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. The organisation’s vision is support, recovery and independence for all those affected by addiction through an abstinence-based recovery model. The path to recovery, organised around three stages, focuses on physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and aims at equipping residents with skills to live an independent life through employment and private accommodation.

PAYCE Foundation supports Adele House in a number of ways. In addition to a multi-year funding arrangement directed at covering part of the operating costs, PAYCE Foundation has worked extensively with the Adele House board and staff to develop organisational capacity, document the Adele House service delivery model, identify measures of success and improvement processes and identify a strategic path to financial sustainability.

As part of the journey towards sustainability, PAYCE Foundation has supported the establishment of Adele Training Farm in the Coffs Harbour region.  Adele Training Farm, focusing on the production of blueberries and other complementary horticultures, will not only provide a revenue stream that can support the operations of Adele House into the future, but gives Adele residents the opportunity to develop work and life skills that are essential to their recovery journey.

“The Adele House residents learn invaluable work skills on the farm on their journey to recovery. The PAYCE Foundation has been instrumental to the farm’s success.”