Sutherland Shire Family Services (SSFS) is dedicated to providing services that lead to safety and wellbeing for families in the Sutherland Shire and St George areas. SSFS aims to support and strengthen the capacity of families, particularly those impacted by disadvantage, violence and trauma.

PAYCE Foundation supports SSFS primarily by way of a multi-year grant that funds the role of a part time child and family support worker. Since 2015 PAYCE Foundation has also provided funding and in kind support for other innovative projects and campaigns.

PAYCE Foundation supported SSFS to develop and launch the Pull Ya Head In campaign. Pull Ya Head In is a video series that aims to raise community awareness and understanding of domestic violence, its various forms and its impact on women, children and families. The videos are informed by the experiences of SSFS clients and highlight the easily hidden and increasingly more common forms of domestic violence such as verbal and emotional abuse and financial control.

PAYCE Foundation assisted with the development of Toolbox Talks, a domestic violence education program for the construction industry. Toolbox Talks was developed to educate the male dominated construction industry about domestic violence and shift entrenched attitudes towards women. The program will be integrated into mandatory induction training on designated sites and will reach over 2,000 construction workers during its three year pilot.


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