St Merkorious Charity

Our Partnership

St. Merkorious Charity runs a food program to help individuals and families who are isolated or experiencing poverty. The service aims to provide direct assistance to those who are struggling to put food on the table, affording them the dignity and security of nutrition and sustenance.

The program started in a home kitchen but has grown rapidly, with the acquisition of a commercial kitchen and refrigerated van expanding capacity and reach.

The nature of the service, which provides food deliveries to individual houses as well as community halls, allows the volunteers to build genuine relationships with the people that they serve. Meal packages are individually tailored depending on family or individual needs. The service does far more than provide sustenance – it restores hope and builds community.

Our Partnership

St. Merkorious Charity’s relationship with PAYCE and the PAYCE Foundation dates back to 2013. Over the years, the PAYCE Foundation’s support for St. Merkorious has taken many forms, assisting to build the capacity of the charity through donations, the acquisition of a refrigerated van as well as in kind support like 1,200 hours of consultancy from a qualified chef with expertise in commercial kitchens and hospitality and the development of a training program to provide part-qualifications in hospitality to St.Merkorious staff and volunteers.

St. Merkorious’ involvement in the Sydney Street Feast was driven by the PAYCE Foundation leveraging its network to connect different not-for-profits in delivering an event centred around meals and conversations for Sydney’s disadvantaged.