PAYCE Foundation extends support for Parramatta Women’s Shelter

The PAYCE Foundation has extended its support for the Parramatta Women’s Shelter, donating the use of five homes for families fleeing domestic violence.

Welcoming a new agreement to help more women and children fleeing domestic violence – PAYCE Foundation Partnerships Manager Maddy James, Parramatta Women’s Shelter Chairperson Liz Scully and Shelter Manager Tania Smith.

The five dwellings provide space for six families who require either crisis accommodation or transitional housing.

Parramatta Women’s Shelter Chairperson Liz Scully said the PAYCE Foundation support had been instrumental in the establishment of the domestic violence support service in the Greater Parramatta region.

“With the support of the PAYCE Foundation we were able to open the doors in 2019 and to be honest without that support we would still be fundraising to get started,’’ Ms Scully said.

Ms Scully said there was strong demand for domestic violence services in the area.

“Unfortunately, one in two women get turned away from crisis accommodation in Australia,’’ she said.

“We knew there was a need, particularly in Parramatta, for more safe places for mums and kids to stay and being able to meet some of that need means so much to us.’’

Since the Parramatta Women’s Shelter opened in December 2019, 100 women and children have been provided support, living safely, without the threat of further violence.

Women and children move to transitional housing after three months of crisis care.

Parramatta Women’s Shelter Manager Tania Smith said transitional housing was critical in the pathway to a life free of domestic violence.

“The outcomes are much better if they are in a supported environment while working on their case plans towards affordable, secure and safe accommodation,” Tania said.

“It is amazing to have transitional housing properties available to us, where we have a streamlined referral process where women and children can go straight from crisis accommodation to transitional housing.’’

The PAYCE Foundation partners with Women’s Community Shelters to help deliver a domestic violence transitional housing program known as Pathways Home.

Women’s Community Shelters has supported the establishment of seven shelters across NSW, including the Parramatta Women’s Shelter.

They are also working with two other local communities to open shelters by the end of 2021.

PAYCE Foundation Director James Boyd said using underutilized properties was a practical way of assisting women and children in desperate need of support.

“We are delighted to extend our assistance to a program that is helping women and children rebuild their lives.’’