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  • PAYCE Foundation backs industry initiative for youth homelessness

    It is a sobering statistic – 44,000 young Australians are homeless every night. Dig a little deeper, and that figure looks even worse, 16,000 of those are 12 years or under. For the past 24 years, the Property Industry Foundation (PIF) has been tackling youth homelessness. [...]

  • Grant allows Street Choir to stay connected during pandemic

    The Sydney Street Choir has received a much-needed boost after receiving funds from the City of Sydney to combat social isolation brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. The $22,000 grant has assisted the Sydney Street Choir to purchase internet enabled tablets and provide support while following social distancing guidelines. [...]

  • New partners provide big boost for secure housing sector

    A new housing model which involves the collaboration of property owners, domestic violence services and community housing providers is delighted to welcome two new partners to their unique housing collaboration. [...]

  • Donation to help struggling refugees

    The PAYCE Foundation has donated $60,000 to assist the Jesuit Refugee Service Australia (JRS) which has been swamped with calls for assistance from refugees and people seeking asylum following the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. [...]

  • Street Choir hits right note with social impact program

    A university-developed program, which aims to assist not-for-profit organisations to measure their social impact, has proven to be a valuable tool in the quest to raise much-needed funds from governments and the private sector. [...]

Long term disadvantage and misfortune can lead to a range of complex individual and societal issues that can become chronic and further affect the individual’s quality of life and the realisation of their potential.