Maddison’s career flourishing after completing Kick Start program

By her own admission, when Maddison Bryant signed up for the innovative youth training and employment program, Kick Start, she was not in a good place.

She didn’t realise it at the time, but Kick Start was to put her on the path to a bright, fulfilling future.

Maddison said she went for a meeting with the Kick Start team and was offered a place in the paid training program on the spot with the food trailer located at Prestons in Sydney’s west.

Kick Start, which was established in 2014 with the backing of the PAYCE Foundation, is a social enterprise with a fleet of food trailers located on construction sites across Sydney.

The youth program not only feeds hungry workers, but graduates receive a TAFE certificate in hospitality and the confidence to pursue their dreams.

“One of the massive things that the program helped me with was my confidence,” Maddison said.

“I was nervous talking to people, but by the end of the program, I was more confident and talking to our regulars.”

Her career is flourishing with the program completed, and she’s looking forward to the next chapter in her life.

She hasn’t lost touch with Kick Start and the team.

Maddison is a gifted writer and photographer, previously working on the highly successful youth project “I am St George,” which featured local luminaries.

The Kick Start team were looking to produce a book that featured the compelling stories of graduates and dedicated people who have contributed to Kick Start’s success.

The People of Kick Start Project was born, and after a quick chat, Maddison was soon on the job interviewing graduates and staff and taking photographs.

“I thought it was an amazing idea, and I enjoyed meeting up with all the graduates and the Kick Start team” she said.

“I thought it was really cool to look at the (Kick Start) timeline and see how it has positively impacted on people in so many different ways.

“It also helped my writing – it is quite difficult to put the essence of someone’s story in 250 words.”

Maddison said what resonated from her experiences and the interviews she did with other graduates, was the support offered to Kick Start trainees proved the key to success.

“You don’t have to struggle with anything – there is always someone there to help you and listen and get you through.”

Maddison said, like many of the graduates, she gained the confidence to pursue her career.

She said learning how to work as a team and developing confidence when speaking in public was invaluable.

Maddison is now pursuing a career in social work; she has already completed a TAFE Certificate and is nearly finished a Diploma also in social work.

Learning from her experiences and qualifications soon to be completed, she is keen to work with youth and give them the chance to kick start their careers.