Grant allows Street Choir to stay connected during pandemic

The Sydney Street Choir has received a much-needed boost after receiving funds from the City of Sydney to combat social isolation brought on by the COVID-19 crisis.

The $22,000 grant has assisted the Sydney Street Choir to purchase internet enabled tablets and provide support while following social distancing guidelines.

Choir Director James Paul said the funding has helped the choir to stay connected, despite the many challenges presented by the pandemic.

“Social isolation is an issue that many members face on a daily basis outside of COVID, so it’s been very tough for some,” he said.

“The gift of the tablets that we have received from the City of Sydney has been instrumental in allowing us to stay in contact with the choir members to keep them healthy and safe during this time.”

The PAYCE Foundation continued its proud collaboration with the Sydney Street Choir by assisting with the grant application.

Sydney Street Choir members Katrina and Ray rehearse via zoom.

PAYCE Foundation Executive Manager Andrea Comastri said it was paramount to support the choir in a time of increased isolation.

“The City of Sydney was making available grants to charities to address the isolation that was brought on by COVID-19 and we saw an opportunity for the Sydney Street Choir,” Mr Comastri said.

“We worked with them to put together an application to obtain that grant so members could continue to participate and feel connected during this crisis.”

Choir Member Michael said the grant was a great example of generosity and ‘Australian spirit’.

“As well as being a collectively creative tool we use with the choir, it helps me with my course I am currently studying at TAFE,” Michael said.

“We’re really blessed to have someone with fearless humility that has a vision to see the things that are handy and practical.”

Michael and Ray greet each other in a COVID safe way.