The Footpath Library

Our Partnership

The Footpath Library helps people experiencing homelessness engage their mind, feel socially included and has a positive impact on their mental health.

The Footpath Library was founded by Sarah Garnett in 2003 out of the desire to make a difference.

The Footpath Library gathers new and excellent quality second-hand books and distributes them to people experiencing homelessness, through mobile services in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, in collaboration with the homelessness sector.

The Footpath Library is the only free mobile library for people experiencing homelessness in Australia.

Our Partnership

The Footpath Library recently announced the launch of its eLibrary program which will extend the organisation’s offering beyond physical books to an extensive catalogue of ebooks and audiobooks. The program will initially launch in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The new digital library will allow The Footpath Library to provide free, high quality ebooks and audiobooks to an unlimited number of users. This will increase the reach of The Footpath Library to those who are unable to access its network of mobile libraries, including those in assisted housing, hostels and refuges, people attending community centres and other outreach programs.

The eLibrary is an excellent initiative which will greatly assist vulnerable members of our society and the PAYCE Foundation signed up as the new eLibrary Primary partner, committing to a donation of $20,000 in FY21. In addition all of PAYCE Foundation’s charity partners working with people who are experiencing homelessness or victims of domestic violence, have already shown great interest in the initiative.